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Written Testimonials

To whom it may concern

18th February 2007

Many thanks to Garry and his team for helping me to lose 25kg in 6 months.

I joined A1 Fitness 7 months ago.  I had to lose as much weight as possible before my wedding in January.

Not only I had lost 25kg in 6 months, but I had also changed my lifestyle.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all staff of A1 Fitness Club, but specifically to Garry, whose continuous encouragement helped me through my life-changing journey.

I am wishing Garry well in his fitness career and I can personally assure that his approach works.


Ben Nicholls

Dear Garry

Firstly and most importantly many thanks for getting me into the army.

One day I decided to change my career.  I made a choice to swap a suit of a real estate agent to army’s uniform.  My biggest problem was passing a beep test.  My first point of contact was a membership enquiries with A1 Fitness and 2 other gyms.  I felt that Garry’s approach was the best as he actually spent time with me figuring out what is the best way to solve my problem.  We figured out together that the only 1 way I will pass my beep test is a lot of hard work and dedication and we worked out 12 weeks plan to make me as fit as possible.

I had to participate in 2 spinning classes per week and have 2 personal training sessions per week where I was pushed to the max.  Garry has been monitoring my performance by conducting regular Vo2 max tests. 
My fitness level has improved from
very poor to excellent in 10 weeks.
As a result of my training at Garry’s gym, I had easily passed my beep test and managed through initial 3 months induction period in the army quite easily.

Once again, I would like to say many thanks to Garry and his team for making my dream come true.

I highly recommend Garry to anyone who is serious about achieving his or her health and fitness goals.

Best wishes in the future

Andrew McFarlane

6th July 2007


Dear Fitness Central

Many thanks for helping me out to get my life back on track.

I was wearing size 14-16 when I started training and now I wear size 8.

It might sound as a cliché by my confidence level now is sky high, I look great and most importantly I feel sensational.

I became more positive about things in life and my relationship with my fiancée has improved.

Garry told when I first met him that

“Anybody can achieve their goals”

All one needs to do is to exercise regularly and eat well.  Sounds simple, but it is not if you have been comfort eating for last 12 months and had never done any sports.

Step by step George introduced me to gym equipment and encouraged me to join various group classes (especially his favourite Boxing) and now I am completely different person.  I eat sensibly and work out 4 days per week.  That is it.

I wish I would meet Garry and George a long time ago.

Thank you very much for your support.


Dear Fitness Central Team

Many thanks for your hard work and investment you made into this place.

I had been member here with many different owners for the last 6 years and never seen this gym looking that good.

Just would like to let you guys know that you are doing a great job and your way of looking after us (members) is sensational.

I had never been shown, how to use machines before and was always afraid of them.  Many thanks to George, who spent plenty of time with me, so now I can remember how to follow my program.

I had lost 5 kilograms in the past 7 weeks and looking forward to continue exercising at Fitness Central for many years to come.

Once again, thanks so much and keep up a good work.

Sandra Lui

18 February 2008

TO                  FITNESS CENTRAL
FROM                        JASON M.
RE                  GYM MEMBERSHIP

Dear Garry

Firstly I would like to say that I am a past member of Will B Fit.  I had to stop training few years ago because doctors diagnosed me with a clinical depression back in August 2004.  For the last 3 and a half years I consulted numerous doctors, phycologists and even psychiatrists who told me that next 10 years of my life should be dedicated to the battle with my condition.  I am taking various medications that resulted in significant weight gain.  My life was taking one wrong turn after another.

One day I received a phone call from marketing consultant who advised me that Fitness Hub has been taken over and had been renovated.  I made an appointment to have a look through the club and was amazed to see how much the gym has changed.

Marketing consultant advised me about special rates available to the past members and after consulting with my family and doctors, I made a decision to join Fitness Central. 
I was pleasantly surprised that marketing consultant was not pushy as many other sales people and he gave me a chance to make up my own mind before committing to a membership.

Nowadays I come to the gym 3 times a week.  My workouts are very enjoyable since George organised a tailor-made program specifically for my needs.  I do enjoy training here because workouts give some structure to my week, clear my mind and help me to deal with the depression.

I wish to thank Fitness Central’s team for all your his help and support.

To Fitness Central Team

My name is Anna and I had been member of Fitness Central since its opening in November 2007.  The reason I had joined this gym is the goal specific approach that I had been advised about when I came to check out this place.

I have been to other gyms before, including bigger franchises and ones claiming to help me achieve my goals in no time at all but I had no luck in losing weight.  I had gained 10 kg since I gave birth to my son back in 2006 and stubborn fats just would not go away.

What was missing is a holistic approach that I got after joining Fitness Central.  We discussed my lifestyle during fitness assessment and we found several reasons behind my numerous fitness defeats.

I started to work out consistently, changed around my daily food intake, reduced size of my evening meals and swapped my snacks for protein shakes.  I lost 7 kg thus far and I now can get into bikinis I wore before the birth of my son.

I can strongly recommend Fitness Central to every reader of this testimonial.


Dear Garry

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and encouragement during our one-on-one personal training sessions.  Your approach of creating a lively, friendly training program specifically tailored to my individual needs has paid off.

I have reached my interim weight in much faster time then I expected and I am fitter than I have ever been in a long time.  I like the way you mix cardio work and weight training and the challenges you set me.

I am looking forward to our next training program hopefully with more intensive weights sessions with you; they are a great stress reliever.

Thank you once again for all your help and support.



I have been training under the supervision of Garry for the past 6 months. Throughout this time, he has been a very professional fitness coach and I have achieved excellent results with his guidance.

Garry continually took my goals into mind, and ensured that I had a program that was within my capabilities. Throughout every session, I felt challenged and motivated.

Over these 6 months, I have noticed my fitness, strength and general wellbeing improve.  I owe a lot of this to Garry.

I strongly recommend Garry and Fitness Central to anybody who is serious about improving his/her wellbeing.

Ryan A.