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Karate Dojo

Kancho Boris Eltman
Kai-Sun-Do Emblem
Karate About Sensei Boris

Sensei Boris has been involved in the world of Martial arts for almost 50 years. He is 1 of only few martial artists in Australia ranked 8th Dan. Sensei Boris has been teaching Karate to young and old for over 45 years. He coached numerous Australian and world Karate champions and has numerous followers all over the world. Nowadays hundreds of students in many countries worldwide follow KaiSunDo’s way.

Our KaiSunDo dojo at Fitness Central is gaining popularity among local adults and children alike.


Some of many Benefits of Karate

  • Great exercise for young and old and everybody in between
  • Karate helps you to revitalise your body and mind
  • Karate helps you to improve your flexibility and strength. Both mental and physical
  • Karate helps you to learn self-defence techniques that can be utilised in real life situations.
  • Karate is a great substitute for a cardiovascular workout and works well in conjunction with other training methods.

Sensei Boris truly believes in the tuition of highest quality as he only allows no more than 10-12 students to his class. Being around martial arts world for many years he realised that it is almost impossible to teach right technique to students if class numbers are too large. Similarly it is impossible to master correct technique in the class that is only 30 min in duration. That is why dedicated KaiSunDo followers progress on their journey towards a black belt much faster than Karate students in many other schools.

Beginners to advanced students are welcome to try out Karate class as per following timetables.

Kids Classes

Mon 5pm-6pm (Beginners) 6pm-7pm (Advanced)

Wed 5pm-6pm (Beginners) 6pm-7pm (Advanced)

Adults Classes

Mon 7pm-8pm (Beginners & Advanced) 8pm-8.30pm (Advanced only)

Wed 7pm-8pm (Beginners& Advanced) 8pm-8.30pm (Advanced only)

For more information about Sensei Boris and KaiSunDo please visit