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Why Join Fitness Central
  • Our Service

We truly believe that everybody who joins the gym for a reason.  Some of us would like to lose weight, others get fitter or maybe build up muscles.  Whatever your goals are, we will help you to achieve them.  The key to our success is the continuous progress management.  Our personal trainers will reassess you free of charge on a regular basis and change your programs as you are advancing in the fitness world.

  • Separate Training Areas

Layout of the facility provides many comforts and options to various groups of people.  Our 9 training areas include:

  • Female only area with pin loaded equipment secluded from rest of the gym
  • Big boys room with 60kg dumbbells
  • Squash Court*
  • Stretching Area
  • Fully equipped boxing studio with punching bags wall-to-ceiling and speed balls
  • Spinning room with modern bikes
  • Cardio room with treadmills, cross-trainers, upright and recumbrant bikes, rowers and steppers
  • General gym area with both plate and pin loaded equipment
  • Aerobics room where we run majority of our classes

*Please note that squash court hire is not included with your memberships.  Members can hire court at discounted rates.

  • Non-Trendy & Friendly Environment

We do not care whether you wear designer clothes or something less sophisticated.  Our staff treats everybody equally and fairly and there is always somebody who is happy to help you with your workout.  We believe that the only thing that matters is your willingness to achieve your goals.

  • Flexible Pricing Policy

At Fitness Central, we understand that all our clients have different needs and goals.  We offer a variety of different membership options both direct debit and paid in full, to cater for both short and long-term commitments.  Our membership options also cater for a type of client you are.  We are making fitness affordable so you only pay for what you use.

  • Flexible Membership Terms

We understand that things happen.  Our members go on holidays, get sick from time to time or just lose interest occasionally.  We offer flexible suspension terms where you can suspend your membership at a cost of $5.50 per fortnight.  You can have your membership suspended for up to 6 months every year. You can also transfer your membership to another person upon payment $75 transfer fee.

  • Focus on results

At Fitness Central, we pride ourself to deliver highset level of commitment to our members.  We also understand that you may choose next gym based on many factors.  We can assure you, as a prospective members should you choose us as your next gym, you will achieve your goals.

  • Our instructors and variety of classes

Our team of very experienced and hand picked instructors will assist you to take your fitness to the next level.  All our classes are pre-choreographed and changes are made on a monthly basis.  We can promise you will never be bored should you decide to join the team of group fitness fanatics.

  • Members Rewards

Management and marketing department of Fitness Central is continuously working to add more value to your membership.  We are currently in negotiations with wide variety of local businesses in attempt to develop a rewards scheme where our members will be able to take advantage of various discounted offers locally.

  • Referral system

We truly believe that word of mount is the best source of advertising for our business.  We have numerous rewards for members who are kind enough to introduce new members to Fitness Central.  Some benefits of introducing new members are:

    • Ongoing raffles with various prizes (e.g. free I-Pods)
    • Free personal training sessions
    • Free memberships
    • Free movie tickets
    • Overnight hotel stays
    • Free Queensland holidays
    • And many others
  • Easy Parking

Lots of car parking is available around the centre.  Free of charge undercover parking is also exclusively available to members which will guarantee your car will be nice and cool after you finish your workout.